• Truck Turntables
  • The first revolving restaurant in Spain
  • Design and Manufacture of Revolving Platforms
  • Truck turntables for Tunnel and Civil Works

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Our services

Consultancy/Viability Study

Before investing any money into the product, Pellicer Technology carries out a viability study, in 90% of the cases free-of charge and no-obligation on your part, to confirm if the project is viable or not. In the case of it being a viable project, we confirm costs, the real possibilities of the project (always guaranteed 100%) and the civic works plans.


The assembly and installation of the trade name will always be carried out by Pellicer Technology technicians or by technicians verified by Pellicer Technology.


Maintenance is carried out by expert technicians trained by Pellicer Technology.


In the case of outdated parking spaces, Pellicer Technology carries out optimization studies to adapt them so that they conform to regulations and present-day vehicles.