"Creating ideas and turning them around..."


"The way ideas turn" is not a phrase randomly pulled out of the dictionary

They are four words so that at a glance, you can begin to see or feel what Pellicer Technology is all about.

There is a key word for this brand; IDEAS. When Pellicer started out, many people came to us looking for ideas, solutions, and initiative....and the ideas were diverse, not all related to one theme or field of work. There were lots of unrelated ideas, without limits.

Thus, Pellicer developed a series of prototype machines for various, dissimilar sectors. From a soldering robot to the first automatic beveller for bevel-edged mirrors through to the design and fabrication of automatic assembly equipment for the assembly of computers for IBM Spain. Today, we are creating the first rotating restaurant in Spain.

Today, we are creating the first rotating restaurant in Spain.

From the beginning, generating ideas, we took it upon ourselves to create solutions (up to then, unheard of). This route then began to branch off into the world of platforms......A key feature in this was the installation of a transportable platform attributable to a mistake made by an architect, as there were 20 unusable parking spaces. Pellicer Technology put them to use. At this point, the route to take became apparent, because whereas for some the job would have been completed, Pellicer saw an opportunity. Would this be the only mistake of its kind in the world?

The world of Pellicer Technology is much vaster and here it´s worth mentioning an important event which happened to Pellicer shortly after: the installation of a turntable for the launching of the Ford Ka. At the time technology wasn´t so advanced and there was no time to take corrective action during testing and installation; it was a challenge filled with uncertainty and pressure. However, there was no mistake, all went well and it worked on the first attempt.

A whole world of ideas and technology was opened up in an interrelated area of work: car-parking systems and rotating platforms themselves, all according to the problem or the idea, the solution or the image or a specific need, even for an individual´s personal fancy.Because if something has to be made clear, it´s that for Pellicer Technology, there are no limits. The limits are the customer´s ideas...