Inclined revolving platform

Revolving Platforms to be installed in ramps

Platform for reduced spaces with up to 12% slope, where it is difficult, or very difficult to manoeuvre.



  • Avoids manoeuvres when turning on a slope.
  • Provide access to other storeys otherwise impossible
  • Installed with a simple civil work.
  • Easy to operate with the (included) remote control.
  • Anti-crushing "Safe Person" patented system.

General features

  • Inclination: Maxium 12%
  • Structure: Structural ST-42 tubes
  • Floor: Nonslip metal sheet
  • Paint:: Baked synthetic  epoxi RAL 7005 (others optional)
  • Bearings: Life-long lubrication
  • Rotation: Either directions
  • Support: 16 periphericals and 1 central
  • Transmission: By friction with dragging limiter
  • Control panel: Included
  • Remote Control: Included
  • Safety: Anti-crushing “Safe Person” patented system.

Pellicer Sloping Turntables