Revolving platform

Car Parking Turntables

Revolving platform ideal for reduced spaces where manoeuvre is difficult or very difficult


  • Enables to create parking spaces that would not be possible without a turnable.
  • Eliminates the needs to manoeuvre.
  • The flattest platform available on the market. Its height enables its installation  in low-roof garages and multi-storey parking.
  • Minimal motor and rotating power with an energy saving up to 75% with   respect to other similar products, due to its high precision and technology innovation.
  • Shifts automatically to “manual” in case of power failure.
  • Easy civil works needed to install
  • Either ground or above level installation
  • Can be installed on 5% slope ramps. Specific models can be set-up on 12%  slope ramp
  • No maintenance requested
  • Delivered with a remote control
  • Anti-crushing “Safe Person” patented system[
  • Technical after sales service
  • High quality materials. Life long performance
  • Exhaustive quality control during design and manufacture

Some practical examples that motivate the installation

  • Difficult car elevator entry/exit.
  • Turning on sharp bend slopes
  • Difficult manoeuvring in  narrow parkings


General Features

  • Structure: Structural ST-42 tubes
  • Floor: Nonslip metal sheet
  • Paint: Baked synthetic  epoxi RAL 9005 (others optional)
  • Bearings: Life-Long lubrication
  • Rotation: Either directions
  • Support: 16 periphericals and 1 central
  • Transmission: by friction with dragging limiter
  • Control panel: Included
  • Remote Control: Included
  • Safety: Anti-crushing "Safe Person” patented system.

Pellicer Parking Turntables