Truck Turntable for tunnel and Civil Works

High efficiency turntables for Civil Works

Truck Truck Turntables developed with the Pellicer’s LTR Technology (Low Turning Resistance).

Our systems allow to rotate the same loads than our competitors, but our platforms need up to 95% les power to rotate.


LTR (Low Turning Resistance) gets:

- Less Frictions

- 95% Less Power Needed

- Less Maintenance

- Less Breakdowns

- then ….. more reliability and profitability.

Rotating and Movable platform for rotate trucks and vehicles.

Up to 4 axle trucks inside tunnels or civil works.

HIGH EFFICIENCY: 45 tonnes load with only 1 HP power needed to rotate.

This kind of platform is used where the installation of circular platform is not posible

The turntable can be moved along the construction Works.


This kind of rotating platforms is used in tunnels construction and civil Works to rotate the concrete trucks and other trucks.

This turntable can be moved with any civil Works machine (f.e. a forklift, or dumper,). You only need pull the platform with the dumper or forklift using a cable or chain.

Great results in tunnel construcction:

Outstanding projects in Madrid and Barcelona High Speed Railway: The turntables worked during 24 horas along 9 months without stopping or breakdowns.