Industrial and special turntables

Rotating Platforms suitable for machinery and industrial use

Design and Manufacture of rotating platforms for any application or industrial use. We have no limit in loads, diameter, speed, height.

Automatic maneouvres or manual mode. All designed upon project needs.


Revolving platforms developed with Pellicer's LTR Technology (Low Turning Resistance). Our technology allows to rotate the same loads with up 95% less power than our competitors.

Pellicer LTR Technology gets:

>> Less Frictions

>> up to 95% Less Power Needed

>> Less Maintenance

>> Less Breakdowns

>> More reliability and profitability .... then save money


General features

  • Diameter: 1000 - 30000 mm
  • Load capacity: Up to 200 Tn
  • Bearings: Lifetime lubed
  • Rotation: CW/CCW

Structural design and diameter according to project.

Plataforma giratoria Industrial Mod PI

Plataforma giratoria Industrial Mod. PI3000