Lorry and truck turntables

Design and manufacture of turntables for trucks and trailers

Average and heavy duty platforms for reduced spaces where manoeuvres are limited or very limited.

A heavy duty platform, ideal to use with heavy loads in both industrial or heavy transport and automotive sectors.

Diameter, load, manoeuvre and constructive models are suitable according to customer’s needs and application required thereof.

Its high performance, simplicity to operate and the lack of any maintenance program makes it the mostly used model in the market.


General Features

  • Turnable consisting of two structures, one fixed and the other mobile, composed of two laminated and rigid cross sections.
  • The mobile structure is resting on a group of wheels plus a central bushing.
  • Wheels  are assembled with life-lubrication flanged bearings, and covered with high density polyurethane, ensuring an exceptional care of the track,  avoiding permanent damage.
  • Interchangeable track.
  • Driving groups rotate the plataform and distribute the driving force regadless where the load is. Each group is provided with independant starters and start/stop pads.
  • - The transmition is equipped with a torque regulator, which avoids unecessary damage to the driving force gropus.
  • The platform is equipped with hydraulic or neumatic brakes. This istem is automatically engaged when the platform stops, hence avoiding incidents whilst trucks are manoeuvering on the plataform.
  • It rotates in either directions.
  • Equipped with an emergency stop button.

Pellicer Heavy Turntables